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BACK ON THE ROAD 2013-10-29 1:15:26 AM
GW Theatre\'s award winning production \'One Extreme to the Other\', by Sony award winning writer Mike Harris, is back on the road this autumn as part of a delivery in three cities being funded directly by the Home Office Prevent Strategy. Over 40 performances of the play will be delivered in schools, colleges and community venues in Leeds, Liverpool and Blackburn and Darwen between autumn 2013 and spring 2014. Additionally, the company will be finishing a run of performances in the tri-borough area of London [Westminster/Fulham and Hammersmith/Kensington and Chelsea] also funded by the Home Office. Over 5000 young people will see the play which is designed to provoke thinking, debate and learning around extremism: helping young people to be more aware and more informed about extremism and therefore empowering them against it. The future is in the hands of our young people and we can help them to secure a positive future for us all by helping them to better understand and recognise the complexity of these issues. Details of the coming and previous performances can be found on this site, as can feedback and other information on the play. If you wish to receive further information on the play or the company please email

One Extreme to the Other 2013-10-28 12:34:36 PM
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